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              Titanium Sheet
            Pure titanium plate, alloy plate, industrial titanium plate, titanium plate
              Titanium Bar
            Pure titanium, alloy bar, rod, square bar, six angle bar, flat bar
              Titanium Tube
            Alloy tube, welded tube, seamless tube, titanium filter, titanium sinter
              Titanium Wire
            Titanium wire, alloy wire, straight wire, wire, wire glasses, jewelry wire
              Titanium Parts
            Titanium alloy flange, flange, titanium parts, titanium screws, Other
              Titanium Powder
            Various types of titanium powder
              Nickel Sheet,Bar
            Pure nickel, nickel alloys, all types of nickel plate, nickel rod
              Zirconium Sheet,Bar
            Zirconium alloy, zirconium rods, various types of zirconium plate
              About us
            Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd.(QCTI)is an Gov accredited Hi-Tech Enterprise, which integrating research, development, processing, production and sales of titanium and titanium alloy materials and products.It is located in Baoji Hi-Tech Development Zone,which is famous as "Titanium Valley of China".We own manufacturing facilities,such as vacuum arc furnace ,vacuum annealing furnace, forging machine,centerless grinding machine, ,drawing straightening machine, sawing machine,CNC machine and milling machine and so on nearly 100 sets of equipment. The chemical composition, mechanical property testing for the finished products are carried out by Baoti Institute, the most authoritative institute in China.                                                                                 // More Information
              News center
            ·[News] QCTI Soldmnly declaration..
            ·[News] Account instructions..
            ·[News] Merry Christmas..
            ·[News] One team one love..
            ·[News] Happy The Spring Festival!..
            ·[Technology] The Most Common Applications..
            ·[News] Welcome guests from South Kore..
              Contact us
            Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd.
            Add: No.3 Gaoxin Zhuangbei Chanye Park 1, Shuxianglu, Gaoxin Kaifaqu, Baoji City, China.
            Email: info@qctitanium.com
            Fax: +86-0917-3125608
            Mobile: +86-18609173986
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              yuan yongzhe Zoe
            Skype: Rence


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            Address: Mingxing Industrial Park No.9, Maying town, Baoji City, China.   Tele/Fax: +(86)-0917-3804961 18609173986   陜ICP備12007767號
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